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#284868 - Soon we can hear George and Jodie making out and we hear the throws of Jodie in orgasm, oh George dont stop ect. After walking down the staris Helen says to everyone that she is going for a shower, and be back down later about an hour Jodie and George get up and head to their room. After dinner I pull my pants back up, and help clean the table, and put dishes in dishwasher, this is when Jodie come home from work, She greets everyone, I give her a hug, as i usually do, she asks if i enjoyed this afternoon? I knew what she was hinting at and said yes very much so, and thanks again for trusting me to be here by myself.

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I could use a virtual friend right now lol
Kou shiraishi
Delicious as always thx for sharing it white bitches worshipping that superior bbc