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#349615 - Harry even wondered what she had done with Cedric when they were together. Though a wave of grief and pain spread through his chest at the first thought of it, it was soon replaced by a certain numbness, and wonder about whether she ran her fingers through his flowing hair as she thrusted her hips back and forth over his waist, the head of his teenage cock rubbing precisely and delightfully repeatedly over her g-spot in the throws of her first orgasm? If he got the chance, could Harry make her cum like Cedric could, or would she think of Cedric while Harry did his best to live up to his rumored sexual prowess? Harry felt himself quickly throbbing toward a full erection and with some effort to be casual about it, he tucked his penis up into the waistband of his tightening underwear so that it would be inconspicuous as he passed through the Gryffindor Common Room. .

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