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#267834 - Next time, I want to finish she said matter of factly. Between her legs was the blonde head of her slender daughter who cannot have been older than eleven. She threw her arms around me and we kissed deeply for a few seconds, her hot tongue caressing mine, she then dropped down to her knees and unbuckled my jeans, my semi-hard cock was into her mouth in seconds, as her tongue twirled around the head she looked up at me with her beautiful blue eyes, hungrily she pumped at the bottom of my shaft with one hand while her wet lips moved up and down over the head, within a minute i was filling her mouth with a hot load of cum which she swallowed straight down without stopping her pumping till i was drained dry.

Read Ride [Arubain] Shimako ~Tsuma no Haha~ 2[Chinese][基德漢化組] - Original Oriental Shimako2

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Kana ikeda
I will be enforced to wear corsets buttplugs and high heels on most occasions
Great ass
Rino endo