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#398148 - So when they finally dressed and returned to their homes, they had no idea of the deep trouble they had gotten themselves into! The loud knock on the door came as a surprise, because it was customary not to interrupt people during dinner hour. Rachel broke down in tears all over again at the thought that she too might soon be made a public laughing stock along side her paramour! The carriage wound its way through town, until it reached its final destination, the church, the tallest and most imposing building in the small town. Good evening gentlemen, offered John, and what brings you way out here on this fine June evening? Good evening Brother John, answered a very somber William Hawkins, this is not a pleasure call, but it something we must discuss with you with great reluctance! By now Catherine Smith had joined her husband at the door, and after inviting the three visitors inside everyone took a seat and got comfortable before John leaned forward and said, You had some

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