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#98732 - The wax stings as I drip it all over my body but the sensation just heightens my arousal and it doesn’t take me long to come very close to an orgasm but I don’t want to orgasm yet so I remove my fingers from my pussy and place the candle back on my bedside cabinet before reaching for the icy hot. I practically tear my T shirt off over my head before stripping off my bra and scrambling out of my trousers, I slip off my panties that as I had thought are completely soaked with the juices of my arousal, without a second thought I ball them up and shove them in my mouth to use as a makeshift gag. I recover quickly and start moving my fingers again as I bring the leather belt down on my thigh, with the second strike of the belt I start to again imagine that it is Alex inflicting the pain and pleasure on me which turns me on even more.

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