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#129976 - She slip a hand from her tits and bite it hard, I feel the urge building to fever pitch and I can feel my cock hardening even more, she feels it too and pull her hand from her mouth, with a loud grunt I pull her down onto my cock and it feels like my head explodes as I lose coherent thought and vision for a second or two. The first that attracts my attention to her is her dress, all the other females are dressed in jeans and she is the only one with a short, loose skirt that shows off a lot of her toned legs, her midriff baring top shows off her sexy lower back and the spaghetti straps seem to be on the point to fall from her shoulders, her shoes seems quite durable but also very feminine. I keep mauling her soft breast as I unzip my jeans and slip out my throbbing ten incher, lifting her wet skirt and using my hand to guide me into her hole, I enter her.

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