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#376747 - Foxx, I nearly inhaled it being so happy to be home with a nice hard cock!!! My thankfulness must have shown through, because the old goat erupted in a huge shower of cum all over the inside of my eager mouth!!! Everyone chuckled at my excitement, and even the lady knew what was up and thanked me for taking the time to get her off with my hard cock!!! Anyway, diary, all’s well that ends well, good night for now, Jamie!!! THE END. Foxx took me along with him to San Francisco on business!!! Talk about a wild place, diary, I actually saw two men fucking out in the open in the park and nobody even gave it a second look!!! Mr. Foxx slipped his hand inside my pants, and while kissing me deeply on the lips jerked me off!!! He’s just so darn sweet I just love him to death!!! Later that night when we went to bed, I put him gently into my mouth and used his big cock like a pacifier!!! What a trip!!! So long for now, Jamie!!! April 25 Dear Diary, Last week I had to do the unthinkable, I

Read Tetas Grandes 淫姦オークション 後編(Chinese) Tight 淫姦オークション 後編(Chinese)

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Yakumo fujii
Hello all can somebody tell me the name of the girl on the cover of the hentai