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#97262 - He had practised every aspect of this ritual for years since he had discovered the Old Book. He sat up on his elbows and stared at her as she writhed on the floor, lying on her stomach, swearing and twisting as her body recovered from the damage her impact had inflicted on her, she stared at Leo with pure loathing and hatred, “When I get free from these binds, ooh the things I will do you!! You will experience an eternity of pain! I will-. ” Leo gasped and scrambled backwards, his back pressing against the shadowed wall as he looked around, his eyes wide, his mind in a sudden state of animalistic terror, he saw the candles, still burning, their binding unfinished, then he saw the mark, the tiny trickle of water smudging the chalk line at a single point and he knew his mistake and his sealed fate.

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