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#356030 - they told me some of the routines and things Ana told me about the toilet routines if you need to shit say it out loud and they will come and take you to the toilet and I asked about what to do if I needed to pee after I said that they looked at each other then looked at me then looked down I looked down too and I noticed there was a drain and I asked them what its for Ana said that it was for showers they would wash us down occasionally also it is for when you need to pee around here you must pee in the cage on us if you try and miss us or aim at anything other than us they will punish all of us just like we have to try and get it on each other also if you need to do both pee in the cage firsts trust me you will see what happens when you go. The two of them pulled me inside they pulled me up to there leader she told me that she usually doesn’t take male pets but because of what I did they have decided to punish me. as I got on my knees my face went red I a am a shy person I ha

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