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#268802 - “I can’t believe so many people came” she said as Lindsay smiled and nodded her agreement “I know what you mean, I am just so glad that Josh came, he is so cute!” “Yeah I know what you mean, I wouldn’t mind waking up to that in the morning” Kathrine joked and both girls laughed “What's the big joke?” Micheal asked as he and Josh came into the kitchen, both girls smiled and tried to stop laughing long enough to speak but both guys could tell that something was making them giggle as their breasts were bouncing up and down as they did it. “What was that?” she asked quietly “I have no idea” Kathrine said as she listened for it again, there was another moan from her room “Let’s check it out” Both girls headed up the stairs, careful not to make any noise each went to their bedroom doors and placed an ear to it, listening for any more noise. “Oh nothing much” Lindsay managed to say “Yeah right, I’m just going to use your loo ok?” Micheal said as he headed for th

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