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#272351 - “yeah im fine babe,just tired that's all” i reply “anything new in today” i ask. “well she is Mary Dolan, she is 29 years old, single, works in the high court, very professional, needs release from her high profile life and wants to become the opposite of her everyday life,she has sent her photo,she is very slender,short brown hair,small boobs,skinny ass and waxed all in the right places. I nod a knowing nod and drink more from my coffee cup,Louise got up and filled my cup again with more hot black coffee,returning the pot after she topped her cup up she walks past me and asks “are you sure pops” grinning as she sways her nice full round arse past my eyes,i knew what she ment,she wanted me to fuck her in the office,but tiredness was taking over my body, “we can fuck later louise” I tell her.

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