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#92550 - The parasite needs plenty of nutrients to survive, it needs sugar-rich-fluid-fructose proteins and minerals, but now with Sebastian as a living shelter and food provider that would no longer be a problem to the parasites, now the parasite entered Sebastian’s body by making the mosquito insert its long proboscis inside the boy’s hairy navel, now inside of his body the parasite traveled to the boy’s brain and started attaching to it. Little did she know that nearby was located the meteorite and the parasite had already infected plenty of insects and fungi around the area where she was, it was common for the locals to eat fungi in the forest, the woman was quite weary and hungry after a couple of hours of collecting logs, she picked up a small fungi to eat it, now she was infected with the alien parasite which was making its way to the brain. The woman’s pussy started squeezing them inside but this was no problem for them, once they made their way ahead they found the cervix, the cervi

Read Gay Blackhair Kyouiku Soushuuhen - Black cat Ngentot Kyouiku Soushuuhen

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