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#165240 - Lives of Louise. I tried to clear my throat as he came , it’s quite a load ,I could feel it’s hot liquid as it drops down my throat’s inside, he releases and I got a little comfort I back up and sat on the floor with some come still dripping on sides of my lips, my uncle started to talked as he zipped in his pants “ Fix yourself up , I’ll drop you by your school and wipe that come off your lips and uniform, your nice Louise” It was only that time I notice I have drops on my uniform , I fixed myself up rode with uncle to my school and along the way thought that swallowing was not that bad , actually I enjoyed , as I enjoyed doing to this day. At that time I came to my senses and tried to cover up my self , wipe out the stain with my dress and ran off to my room , I could hear my uncle called me up as I left but I proceeded to leave that room.

Read Sapphicerotica 対魔忍ユキカゼ 対魔忍は淫獄に沈む#2 - Taimanin yukikaze Transexual 対魔忍ユキカゼ 対魔忍は淫獄に沈む#2

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