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#185457 - ” He came in my mouth and it was my turn to ‘lick clean’ which I did. We were a match! I looked at Hubby…he had this big smile…I was smiling too…and lifting to every stroke of this doggie’s wonderful tongue…dog panting, me panting, watching Hubby slip out of his pants…pulling down his underwear, releasing his cock…stroking his cock and balls as my body was being stroked, from my ass up to my cunt…and “OH!” above my cunt to where my electric button transfused me from woman to lustful animal, patting this animal’s head as he anointed my loins with his nose and animal passion. “Are you mad?” “It’s hot,” he said, “it turns me on to think about it.

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She is beautiful
Osamu mikumo
Sexy woman