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#242750 - Mo fell into a fitful sleep, with pictures of beautiful naked women dancing in her head! It was going to be a great vacation!!! THE END. When you two came on board and I realized you were bunking together, and well, I just had to come down and introduce myself to you, my name is Andie, and while we aren't suppose to intermingle with the passengers, I could help myself, and decided to come up and meet myself , so if you want me to leave, I can go right now! No, answered Ronnie, in fact, we both commented on how pretty you looked when we first met! Ronnie, now again taking control of the situation, walked over to Andie and immediately started taking off her clothes as the prettyt blonde began breathing harder as the naked red head let her hands roam over her huge bare chest. Mo licked her lips, and slowly disrobed, her nipples hardening when they hit the air conditioned air of the cabin.

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