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#86168 - Cindy realizes what she has touched and feels an instant tingle and contraction in her own pussy. Cindy whispered to Gail “oh that was so good, I never thought it would be like that” “I thought you might like it, and there is more to learn” “it’s too hot in here lets use the hot tub” “Okay” “ But first we have to take a little shower (chuckles) it’s the pool rules” Gail laughs “and what are the rules about naked women” The alcohol had got to Cindy and there were no limits now “rule one is naked women have to be washed by naked women” “oh so you’re going to give me a bath” “well I get to soap you up and down” giggles. “hi John come on in, I was just going to make coffee want some” “Sure I always take coffee, you look like you could use a gallon” It had been a very long night for Cindy and she had not combed her hair or put on any makeup.

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