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#123662 - “Matt, what are you planning???” I don’t answer but instead I open the strawberries and pop open the champagne “What was that pop?” you ask, still I say nothing but instead I pick up one of the strawberries and stroke it against your lips but as you open your lips and go to bite it I pull it away and kiss you “No biting until I tell you” I whisper in your ear and I put the strawberry back to your mouth, forcing your lips apart as you take it into your mouth “Now you can bite it” and with that you sink your teeth into its juicy flesh I pour a glass of champagne and dip the next one into the fizzing liquid before stroking it again against your lips, your head jumps back with the new sensation of the cold liquid still fizzing against your sensitive soft mouth. Shot after shot after shot until I felt that I was completely drained and my cum is dripping from you. You demand the salmon sandwiches that I had my eye on so leaving me with the tuna salad, oh well! Sandwiches finished

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