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#344273 - After her I move on each girl has been whipped and then I sit back and let Julia take the reins. When we get back to the dungeon I ask Julia to pick a girl and she picks Christy she begins by having her lay on the table where she straps her legs to the table and her arms over her head she gets a small whip and begins my running it up her left leg and down her right one and then she flicks it over her left breast and the girl screams when she tell her to be quite she didn’t hit her that hard I am impressed she knows how to use it. I grab a belt and begin whipping her and telling her that she will comply with my rules I hear Julia tell the other girls to get back to work when I look back the other 7 girls are doing well, and no one is crying.

Read Teenfuns Kazoku no Tame ni - Original Hot Girl Kazoku no Tame ni

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Tsubasa ibuki
Thank you
Him pushing her into the washing machine has to be one of the greatest plot twists
Noriko ajiyoshi
Forget girls build legos
Not jessica fiorentino
Haruhi fujioka
Thank you
Very hot cool hentai