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#141544 - Well, Uncle Jed and my Ma got their heads together and they decided that if I helped drive the old truck out to Beverly Hills Californy, I could stay out there with Uncle Jed and finish off my education. Uncle Jed told me if y’all ever get bit on the leg by a snake, you got to get this here thing called a, “torny-kay,” and put it on yer leg, so’s the poison don’t go spreadin’, else that leg’s gonna fall right off. He said a lady’s got this special place ‘twixt her legs, and when the fella and the lady gets to likin’ each other a whole lot like that, and the fellas’ pecker gets all swoll up and hard, the fella puts his pecker inside the lady’s special place and he goes into sawin’ on it, and it feels real good for both of ‘em.

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