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#299666 - When i got there I walked over to her and said Hey Carla but she did'nt answer me so I said her name again and she paid more attention to me and said Hey Leon I took a seat and said hey, still not use to your name yet then she looked at me and said No i'm still exspect to be called Carl I ordered us both a coffee and said Well remember you are a woman now she said I know and it's all i ever wanted but I just need time t get use to it after she said that sentance I seen a oldish cupple looking over so I said to them Have you something you would like to say they both looked at me as if they had done nothing wrong and returned to there drinks and I returned to my convocation with Carla I said So are you happy being the real you now? she smiled at me and said Yes i'm so happy and I'm not playing football anymore to fit in not that Harvey wasn't a good captian becuase he was but I don't feel like I need to hide anymore I took her hand and

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Platinum the trinity
Great job cant wait to see what else you have been working on
Kotarou tennouji
She is retarded total heartbreaker
Sena kobayakawa
Good lord i would love to grab your head and fuck your throat like that
Both of you should date me thanks