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#210274 - “How are you, Anh, not any fatter – that I can see clearly?” “I am fine, Miss Liem, never change; how are things with you, your family, and the office?” “I am fine; my mother never stops asking about you – what happened between you and her, Anh, you must tell me one day; and sister Tinh and…oh, everyone asks about you Anh! The office: actually, you have a meeting tomorrow – maybe, maybe, we have a new project!” “Now that would be good news, em, especially for our office here, and you and the staff. I knew them all, so I sought solace in a beer, turning on BBC news to also try and distract my thoughts from further probing. Instead I took her clothes and shook my head – for now backing out and hanging them up outside on the balcony towel rack, sheltered from the rain at the moment at least; I did the same with mine, shivering in the wind and decided a hot shower and probable warm body was a good next idea.

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