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#101643 - she hopped up took my hand and brought me to a room that was vacant this one contained a bed as well with slightly different color scheme I asked her how many of these rooms are there and she told me there were five she set me on the bed and went off for a minute coming back with a damp cloth and a small tube she then proceeded to pull down my boxers wiped my member and went down on me with plenty of gusto her technique was adequate but she was young so I didn’t have any expectations after I was as hard as I’ve ever been she had me lay back on the bed she then turned around stripped off her underwear her hand grabbing me now with what felt like a lube she stroked me a few times and then sat back but instead of entering her pussy She was aiming for her ass once the tip was in she sat back and proceeded to twerk her ass on my cock the sensations were incredible this little girl was A master at anal sex she would twerk until I was almost throbbing then she would slow down and actually cla

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