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#290159 - James has removed his pants and starts milking his gigantic meat, glancing at him from the bed it finally dawns on Julie just how big he is, and wonders if she will be able to take all of him as her fantasy is one thing, and reality quite another, but for a true slut to be, this is of only minor concern? Rachel has moved from a lingering kiss to my girls beautiful soft and almost virgin breasts, and savors the young tender nipples as she attempts to nibble and then suck on these hard sensitive and very stimulated little things. The talking has stopped as the three other men finally realize the gift they have been given. They finally leave and she starts supper for Mandy, she is still so randy, turned on, and trying her damnedest not to squirm so much in front of this small child.

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This has an erotic charge because she is young 21 and gorgeous physically perfect while he is elderly unattractive and overweight the scenes of him powerfully taking her from behind are stunning