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#110638 - More! Then she grabbed my head And pulled it to her lips, Her kiss was as hot as flame, And I think all the warmer by the tastes Of her bittersweet honey’s on my tongue. My dear wolfish hulk, Your mind is sick well with love For how much do you hump As I do cause you pain. Thank god for such a nod, Your beauty blossoms so great, I can't but utter words past it I do remember one advice If you wish to court love Thus must be done in confidence As so I decided In all that I am unworthy Shall I feel worthy in my duty Now how shall I but make her twitch and writhe And oh my, this is well beyond I For she shakes all over Waving her knees, Now do I press my lips Deep into hers My hips tight on her Tickled by the frills of her cloth My chest so close I do feel Deep imbedded within it her nipples And through her silken lingerie.

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Sakura haruno
Nice ass
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Love the ending