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#294791 - i spread as wide as i could so George could see. we asked if we could jump and a lift and suprise suprise he said yes! George was just how you image a trucker, beerbelly, bald guy who eat to many fryups and rarely washed!! and a perv but whats new there, we started on the way and we talked for a while and we explained how we ended up hichhiking it wasnt long before the talk turned to sex, he question us on everything and being a weeee bit drunk we told everyting, he asked if we had every kissed, we had and we turned to each other and kissed, i mean proper tounges kissing none of that lip to lips. I lay on the chair next to him and rubbed my dripping pussy while watching my best friend be fucked up the ass by the fat balding bastard.

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My goodness you are amazing kisses
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