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#192479 - I went into the bathroom to take a pee, sliding down my shorts and panties, I spread my legs and sat on the toilet and relieved my bladder. On retrieving my razor and shaving foam, I noticed a dark hair stuck to it, I knew this didn’t belong to me as I am as grey as they come. I cried in desperation pleading with him to allow me to come but still he continued to tease me, the muscles in him arm must have been killing him but he was so powerful.

Read High Konnani Yasashiku Saretano | 讓你那麼溫柔的對待我 Punheta Konnani Yasashiku Saretano | 讓你那麼溫柔的對待我

Most commented on High Konnani Yasashiku Saretano | 讓你那麼溫柔的對待我 Punheta

Lol omg get it girl that cock would destroy me
Kanu unchou
Why does she look like she gunna yell at he manager or getting to small of a dick for the scene